Controlling Your Programmable Thermostat

Guide to Controlling Your Programmable Thermostat

Are you looking for a way to stay more comfortable in your home, but also save more money? You can have the best of both worlds when you invest in a programmable thermostat! There are so many ways to schedule these thermostats in order to keep your home as comfortable as possible while cutting down on your energy bills. Keep reading to learn all the tips for controlling your programmable thermostat according to your family’s lifestyle. 

Your Weekly Schedule

Before you start programming the thermostat, take some time to write down your normal weekly schedule. Make note of times you’re typically home, and other times when nobody is in the house. Being aware of these timeframes can help you decide when to have your HVAC system running, and when to let it idle. Of course, there are always times when your schedule changes. These exceptions include going on vacation or even staying at home more than usual. However, when setting up your thermostat, you don’t need to take these changes into consideration because you can always set a temporary schedule later on for special occasions such as these.

Programming Options

Most thermostats will offer a few programming options, depending on your needs. These include the daily, weekly, or weekday/weekend scheduling. These options are just as simple as they sound, and choosing one all depends on the level of customization you desire.

 A daily scheduling option allows you to program a custom schedule for every single day of the week. If your schedule changes on a daily basis, this may be the best choice! The next option is weekly scheduling. This selection allows you to program an identical schedule for every single day of the week. Finally, we have the weekday/weekend selection. This can be broken down into a 5/2 or 5/1/1 schedule. 5/1/1 allows you to set different schedules for Saturday vs Sunday, while the 5/2 selection will set the same schedule for both Saturday and Sunday, but a different schedule for the rest of the week. This is a great way to separate your weekend schedule from your regular work week schedule, and this is the most popular option. 

Temperature Settings

Your programmable thermostat will likely have a few different categories for temperature settings. Such categories typically include “home,” “sleep,” and “away.” Depending on the season, it’s recommended you set your “sleep” and “away” settings to be several degrees higher or lower than your “home” setting. When nobody is home, there’s no reason to keep your house icy cool in the summer! When sleeping in the winter, you can get away with keeping your home a little cooler and bundling up in some blankets at night. These savvy temperature decisions will pay off by saving you money on your energy bills. 

Set Everything in Place

Since you now know your weekly schedule and temperature preferences, you’re ready to input everything into your thermostat. You can select your schedule for the week and set the times when you’re sleeping, at home, and away. If your programmable thermostat is able to connect with your smartphone, this process is even easier! You’ll be able to download the app associated with your thermostat and follow an easy walkthrough for inputting your scheduling information. Now activate your schedule, and you’re all set! 

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