Heat Pumps - South Baldwin County

Why Heat Pumps Are A Great Choice For South Baldwin County Homes & Businesses

Many of us are familiar with furnaces which are traditionally used to heat homes. However, these systems are expensive to run and are less effective in mild climates such as South Baldwin County. Why? Read on to find out why heat pumps are a great choice for South Baldwin County Homes & Businesses.

How do heat pumps work?

We’re glad you asked! A heat pump is rather unique, especially when compared to a traditional furnace. Did you know a heat pump will both heat AND cool your home? During the summer months, the system functions similar to how your standard AC system operates. Surprisingly, they do not ever actually create any heat during the winter months. The reason they are so efficient is because they simply move heat from one place to another. Through an outdoor evaporator coil, heat is absorbed, and after a series of steps, is distributed throughout the home to create a warm and cozy environment in the winter.

Why are heat pumps best suited for our climate?

As heat pumps don’t produce any warm air, their process used to distribute warm air throughout your home is best performed when the temperature is above freezing. Thankfully for homes and businesses in Baldwin County, this is not an issue! Our climate is extremely well-suited for these systems. In fact, in our environment, they are so efficient at heating and cooling, many have earned the Energy Star label. 

Just how efficient are we talking?

We’re not playing around when we say heat pumps are efficient! The Energy Efficiency Council stated “… a heat pump can deliver heat at 600% efficiency, compared with a gas heater at 50% to 95% efficiency. When the electricity is produced using renewable electricity, this delivers astounding reductions in greenhouse gas emissions”. Consider all of the energy savings you could have in your business or home while helping the environment all the while. These systems are certainly the way of the future for our homes and businesses!

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