Surviving the Winter Blues At Home - 6 Healthy Living Tips

Surviving the Winter Blues At Home – 6 Healthy Living Tips

Winter time on the Gulf Coast might not be as cold and dreary as it is in the Northeast, but seasonal changes have an effect on people everywhere. Days are shorter, nights are colder. Sometimes we go to work in the dark and get home in the dark. Going from fall to winter can cause us to experience the “winter blues”. Consider these 6 healthy living tips for surviving the winter blues at home.

Get Up and Get Going!

It’s very tempting to hit that snooze button and pull the covers up over your head… but oversleeping can actually leave you feeling more sleep deprived and groggy than if you get up immediately when your alarm goes off. Oversleeping causes a similar feeling to that of being hungover, the feeling is even known as sleep drunkenness. Sleeping in those extra hours or minutes can confuse your internal clock and leave you feeling sluggish all day. So, get up and get going!

Eat Healthy! 

Eat smart and eat healthy! Start your morning off by eating something worth getting out of bed for… Does warm oats with honey, almonds and organic eggs, cheese and avocado on rye toast sound good? Well, it should! Don’t forget to load up on all the nutrients your body needs!

Healthy treats! Chocolate can help ease anxiety and lighten your mood by raising levels of dopamine in the brain. Treat yourself to a quality chocolate instead of candies and carbohydrates as these will give you a spike in energy but ultimately won’t fill you up for long and can also increase anxiety. 

Lighten Up Your Day 

… And lighten your mood while you’re at it. When the days start getting darker a little earlier try lighting a few candles, put on a few lamps and if possible, and light a fire in the fireplace. When the sun’s out grab a healthy dose of vitamin D and soak up some positivity. Sun aside, getting outdoors and breathing in the fresh winter air will boost your energy levels and ward off any sad emotions. 

Getting vitamin D naturally is very important, but during winter months it may be necessary to take a vitamin D supplement to make up for less time spent outside. For the days when the winter sun is just not shining bright enough, you can always look into getting what’s called a happy light – a light that gives you the feeling of having natural light when true natural light is sparse. 

Get a Move On! Exercise!

Exercising during winter is a challenge, but even a 15 to 30 minute walk or jog can do you a world of good. Exercise releases feel-good chemicals like serotonin, dopamine, norepinephrine, and endorphins. In short, exercise makes you feel happy. 

Phone a friend – If you’re struggling to get an exercise routine going, set up a schedule with a friend, a time and a place. It’s harder to quit when there is someone waiting for you and hopefully motivating you. 

Let winter In

Most importantly, let winter in! Yes, it’s colder and darker but you knew it was coming and know it’s going to keep on coming, every year. Get prepared and throw yourself into that winter life, while living your best life. Dress the part (bright and colorful clothing can’t hurt) and get out there and enjoy some winter activities. Ice skating, hiking, and holiday events are just a few! When it’s really too cold to do much, then enjoy that too! Blankets, a good book, your favorite music, and a cup of hot chocolate can make for a perfect day-in!

Live Comfortably

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