Staycation Ideas That Won’t Blow Your Budget

Staycation Ideas That Won’t Blow Your Budget

It’s officially winter in South Alabama, and while it might not stay cold too long here, some warm-hearted residents don’t want to deal with the cold at all. Sometimes the cold weather makes us want to escape, but why pack up when you can stay warm inside with the perfect staycation? There’s nothing better than cozying up at home to have the most fun and relaxing vacation without spending a ton of money. Stay on budget this winter and try these affordable staycation ideas!

Relax with an At-Home Spa

While the cold temperatures might not let you relax at a beachside salon, you can still bring the therapeutic atmosphere of the spa to your very own home while saving tons of money in the process! Get as far into the spa experience as you’d like using oil diffusers, bath bombs, bubbles, and salts, and even scented candles for some effective aromatherapy. From body scrubs and seaweed wraps to warm towelettes and all natural face masks, there are tons of ways to personalize your at-home spa experience to best suit your needs. You can find some at-home recipes for luxurious spa treatments here!

Keep Your Home Heated

While you relax at home, make sure you can stay comfortable for the duration of your staycation by ensuring your heating systems are functioning properly and efficiently. There’s nothing worse than a cold day at the spa, or overheating while trying to relax! Don’t hesitate to contact Island Air for all your heating and cooling needs this season. We’re South Baldwin County’s #1 HVAC contractor!

Indoor Camping

A perfect activity for the whole family is indoor camping! While it might be too cold to venture out into the woods, you can turn your living room into a campground with s’mores, tents, and scary stories around the fireplace! While you likely shouldn’t use your fireplace for s’mores, you can definitely use your oven or stovetop, and they’re just as delicious! Another fun way to bring the outdoors inside is playing some of Spotify’s outdoor music and camping sounds on a speaker to create the outdoorsy ambiance! You can also turn on sounds of nature such as rushing water, birds chirping, rain falling, or fire crackling.

Movie Marathons

There’s nothing better than watching a movie marathon of one of your favorite series, without the pressure of needing to get things done! This activity is perfect for movie fans and families alike, as there are so many options and ways to watch. Cook up a batch of your favorite popcorn (and don’t be afraid to customize it with some unique popcorn recipes) and tuck into the couch or bed to enjoy. We recommend turning off all the lights and blacking out the windows to make it feel like you’re at the theater. As an added relaxer, feel free to light candles, and don’t forget to include your pets!

Maximizing the Cozy

If you’re like us, you know there’s just nothing like snuggling under a soft blanket to enjoy a movie or game. If you’ve got a fire going and would like your home a little bit on the cooler side to maximize your comfort and coziness, don’t be afraid to schedule your thermostat to your temperature preferences throughout your staycation! With Island Air’s smart and programmable thermostats, you have the ultimate comfort control at your fingertips. 

Get In Touch

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