7 Reasons Why Summer Is the Right Time to Buy A House

7 Reasons Why Summer Is the Right Time to Buy A House

Have you been thinking about buying a home and wondering when the best time to pull the trigger is? This summer might be the perfect season for you to go ahead and look at properties and purchase a home. Read on for some reasons why we think the summer is a great time for you and your family to buy the house of your dreams!

More Inventory

Summer is the best and most popular time to sell, meaning there are most houses on the market ready to buy during this time. Since the summer is far away from the holiday season and many people are off work and off of school, lots of homes are being sold and there is more demand for houses in the real estate market. However, while there are lots of options, you might need to move fast because the competition is tough!

Better Prices

The cheapest time to buy a house is in late August or September, if you can hold out until the end of the summer. Sellers tend to cut prices during this time to try and sell before school starts, so they can move into new homes or relocate. However, the ”best deal” might not be the best home for you, so be sure to consider all the other factors of your decision and not solely focus on price.

More Activity Outside

In the summer, there’s more activities outdoors in the beautiful weather, meaning there could be great chances for you to meet new people around the neighborhood. With a new summer home, you can introduce your family to the area when there’s a lot of activities going on, such as barbecues, play-dates, picnics, and local events in the community.

Reliable Weather

While it might seem like a bad idea to move during the hottest time of the year, the summer is when you can best rely on the weather! It doesn’t rain as much in the summer as it does in the fall or spring, and summer mornings usually aren’t actually too hot! Just be sure to wake up early and get to work to make the most of it!

Longer Days

If you’re not an early riser, don’t worry! You can avoid the heat of the day by moving your things in the evening as well since the sun sets so much later. Plus, between the sun setting later in the day and daylight savings, there will be more time for you to meet with sellers and look at houses during the day. If your new house has outdoor amenities such as a firepit, swimming pool, or backyard, you can start using them as soon as possible when you settle into your new home.

Easier School Transition

Settling into a new house and a different area can be a big transition for the whole family, but especially if you have kids in school. Moving over the summer can make for an easier transition in the new school year, since it will be a new year for everyone and can give your kids time to adjust before the year starts.

See How HVAC Works

As you know, it gets hot in South Baldwin County in the summer, and the one thing we rely on to keep us cool in our homes is our air conditioner. When buying a new house in the summer, you’ll be able to tell if the air conditioner is working great, or if it needs some maintenance or repairs right away. If your air conditioner does need repairs, or possibly even replacement, call Island Air!

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