Tips for Protecting & Maintaining the Outside of Your Beach House

Protecting & Maintaining the Outside of Your Beach House

A beach home offers you a place where you can escape from the hustle and bustle and listen to the calming, crashing waves while soaking up the sun! However, the upkeep of owning a beach house can feel overwhelming. With exposure to the salty air and sand, your home’s exterior can become weathered and may need some TLC! Follow these easy tips for protecting and maintaining the outside of your beach house so you can rest assured your beach home will stand the test of time!

Protecting the Outside of Your Beach House

Protecting the outside of your beach house does not have to be complicated. By following a few easy tips, you can protect the outside of your beach house and save money in the long haul by prepping your home for exposure to the elements when living at the beach. 

Monitor your Home Exterior

The first step to protecting the outside of your beach house is to monitor your home’s exterior. Make note of any damages so you can hit the ground running with necessary repairs. Regularly check your roof for any damage, and schedule regular maintenance for your home’s HVAC system. Clear any debris in your gutters, around your HVAC system, or on the roof. By regularly checking the exterior of your home and cleaning the area around your home, you can catch problems before repairs get too pricey! 

Quick Fixes

While monitoring your home’s exterior, you may have some areas that need a few touch ups. Spruce up the outside of your beach house with a fresh coat of paint. Adding a protective coat of paint to your home can help reduce the amount of wear and tear your home experiences from the wind, salt, and sand exposure being at the beach. 

Installing storm windows to your beach house is another quick fix and protective mechanism to keep your home safe from harsh weather conditions that occur from living at the beach. Not only will storm windows reduce the chance of windows breaking and cracking during harsh weather conditions, but they can also reduce energy bills as they prevent cold and hot air from escaping your home. These quick touch ups to your home will protect your home’s exterior from severe weather events while also saving you money by reducing your energy bills! 

Maintaining the Outside of Your Beach House

Over time, beach houses go through general wear and tear simply due to the wind, salt, and sand exposure. Fear not! You can take steps to protect your beach house from these elements and maintain the outside of your beach house! 


Not only does landscaping enhance the curb appeal of your beach house, but it also can provide your home with protection from strong coastal winds, adequate drainage preventing flooding or water damage, and soil stabilization to prevent any soil erosion from damaging your home. Landscaping will improve your home’s aesthetic while also improving your home’s longevity living on the coast! 

Pressure Washing 

Pressure washing the outside of your beach house will remove any dirt and debris that could cause chipping or damage to your home’s exterior. This will elevate the outside of your home giving it the lift that it needs to look fresh and clean! 


Another quick and easy way to maintain the outside of your beach house is to treat your decks and patios to prevent rotting. Beach house decks are constantly exposed to moisture, sunlight, and salt spray. If left untreated, your beach house deck may deteriorate more quickly over time. However, treating your deck is quick and easy!  

First, be sure to remove any debris and replace any damaged items on and around your deck. Pressure wash your deck to ensure that the deck is cleaned properly and thoroughly. Next sand your deck to ensure there are no rough or jagged edges. Replace any damaged boards to ensure that your deck will be able to withstand the elements. Lastly, choose your coating for your beach house deck. Whether you choose to stain or paint your deck be sure to allow the coat to fully dry before using your freshly treated deck. After treating your deck, the outside area of your beach house will be ready to enjoy all year long and ready to withstand the harsh elements of the coast! 

HVAC System 

The last measure you can take to protect and maintain your beach house is ensuring the inside is as protected and maintained as the outside, especially when it comes to your comfort. Ensure your HVAC system is running properly and efficiently to protect your home and family. 

With humidity control, your HVAC system can have the air inside your home feeling cool and crisp while also preventing moisture buildup that could cause damage to your home’s walls, siding, and other foundational aspects. By filtering the air from pollutants and other allergens, your HVAC system can work to reduce allergens in your home’s air to keep it healthy and clean. 

Most importantly, the HVAC systems offered by Island Air Conditioning are built to keep beach homes ultimately comfortable while protecting against salt, sand, and humidity. We offer our ‘beach body systems’ because we know how important it is to protect against these elements on the coast. Ask us about them today

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